'U-Drive' is a Formula 500/ Micro Sprint arrive and drive end to end car leasing package.

U-Drive is specifically tailored for: 

  • Interstate/overseas drivers that don't want to transport their own car to race a major event or series of events 
  • A driver that cannot afford the costs or time of owning a top of the line car, spares and transportation
  • A driver that only wants to race a couple of races a year without  the expense and time investment to own a top of the line car, spares and transporter
  • Someone racing a different category that wants to experience the thrill of Formula 500 racing
  • Junior drivers wanting to experience Formula 500 racing




The car is near new and proven to be ultra-competitive.  The current set-up is similar to the V95 Hyper in Victoria. 

 The car

  • All the best lightweight X6 Hyper running gear
  • Lightweight car. Drivers ~85kg or less will be right on the minimum car/driver weight to maximise the power to weight ratio 
  • Cockpit adjustable shock absorbers
  • Cockpit adjustable Panhard bar
  • Cockpit adjustable wing
  • Adjustable pedals and steering to suit any type of driver
  • 5” non-containment seat. (Driver welcome to provide own seat)
  • Lightweight wings

The motor

  • Fresh top of the line 2013 Yamaha R6 motor
  • Running on Jettco Mechanical injection or Jettco carbies if hired for Junior racing
  • Lightweight 2 speed gearbox
  • Sync Sump
  • Sync Carbon muffler
  • Headwork

The spares

  • Motor and motor components.
  • Wheels and tyres 2x fronts, 3x Left Rears, 3x Right Rears. All with reasonable competitive levels and age of tread at apprioriate sizes to ensure correct stagger at all times
  • Nose wing with mounts
  • Top wing with mounts
  • Top wing adjuster and components
  • 1x complete front axle
  • 1x front axle beam
  • 1x complete rear axle
  • 1x set of radius rods
  • Appropriate torsion bars to adjust the car to the track conditions
  • Set of torsion arms and stops
  • Set of crash bars
  • Shock absorbers to adjust the car to the track condition.


What is provided?

  • The car package as mentioned above
  • Transport of the car and spares to and from the track
  • Complete car preparation
    • Engine servicing
    • Tyre preparation
    • Cleaning and general maintenance
    • Pedal set-up
    • Steering set-up   
  • Car set-up and advice
  • Help with the car organisation on the night
  • Spares as mentioned previously
  • Transponder hire
  • Potential for personal sponsorship space on the side panels for the top wing. Sync Industries can help facilitate stickers.     
  • Fuel
  • Tyres
    • Used race worthy tyres 2x front, 3x Left Rear, 3x Right Rear

What does the prospective driver have to do?

  • Bring all safety apparel
  • Supply seat if required
  • Enter the event on register now or other method.
    • Driver is required to pay the entry
    • Driver receives all prize money
    • Driver receives all tow money
  • Driver is required to hold a current Speedway Australia licence.
  • Driver is required to organise and pay for a Formula 500 Drivers log book. Sync Industries can and will help facilitate this.
  • Pay damage deposit of $1,000.
  • Sign damages contract prior to racing
  • Specify if new tyres are required. These will be sized and mounted prior to racing.

What happens with damages?

  • Sync Industries is responsible for the damage to the engine, we take the appropriate steps to ensure that the engine is fresh and serviced correctly before racing.
    • This is at the discretion of Sync Industries as there is potential for the driver to damage the engine intentionally eg over revving between gear changes, riding of clutch inappropriately.  
  • General wear and tear damage to be covered by Sync Industries. This includes damages such as
    • Powdercoat damage
    • Dints on wings
    • Damage to panels from general use
  • Car damage from crashes is up to the driver to pay for repair
    • Sync Industries has procedures and precautions in place to ensure that all bolts and joints are replaced and torqued correctly prior to racing
  • All replacement parts will be purchased new by Sync Industries
  • If the damages exceed deposit the driver is liable for the remaining costs. Sync Industries will do everything in their power to repair everything via the cost effective means possible.


 All prices are in Australian Dollars. 

At this stage we are taking applicants for Stampede and Speedweek entire series and any one off events. Please note that for an entire series entrant a 10% discount will apply on the above price!

If you are interested please use the contact me page below or contact us on our Facebook or Instagram pages.